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Termotec is primarily a provider of plastic injection services using state of the art plastic injections equipment of various capacities and closign units. We work with all types of plastics focusing on the highest quality products.

Productos inyectados acabado p

Products injected with paint finish

Termotec’s highly experienced staff offers painting of all injected products.

Productos sobreinyectados y bi

Biinjection products and over-injected

Termotec biinyección offers over-molding of metal and plastic inserts as a service.

Productos inyectados y montado

Injected and assembled products

Termotec offers assembly, machining and assembly of injected products, ensure accuracy and fitting the work to customer needs.

Productos inyectados con acabo

Injected products and mirror finishing

Termotec has experience in injection mold cavities which are polished to a mirror finish, creating products with the highest quality appearance.

Productos de inyección convenc

Conventional injection products

Termotec works with all kinds of molds that can be adapted to its machinery, producing many kind of pieces as a result.


























Termotec adapts to the customer’s needs to offer the wished product, with the technologies and the most innovative processes.

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